Rethink financial decision making at home

StencilBook templates are only as complex as you need

No Spreadsheet Skills Required

StencilBook templates are created with spreadsheets to have maximum flexibility and customization. Even if spreadsheets aren't your thing, you’ll be able to easily create plans for your finances. If you can enter numbers, you can use a StencilBook.

Model Your Reality

You don't need to keep all those what if scenarios in your head any longer. With StencilBook templates, enter your numbers, turn the dials, and create different visualizations for what your financial future looks like before making a decision.

Complexity is a Sliding Scale

Whether you need a rough approximation or an exact estimate, StencilBooks will meet you where you are. You can layer in detail as it becomes available to make your plan more accurate over time.

Plus So Much More

  • Simple & modern design that is customizable to match your personal style
  • Straightforward visualizations for you to explore the data and envision alternatives
  • Protected for your benefit so you don't have any fear of "messing it up"
  • Comprehensive training information to guide you through using each template
  • Access any and all product improvements made to the StencilBooks over time
  • Personal support available via email when needed
These are litrally the best spreadsheets that have ever been created.
Newton B.
Anyone who is not using StencilBook is going to be hitting themselves the next time they have to do anything even remotely difficult in their financial models.
Newton B.
A++, worlds best grade.
Newton B.

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