StencilBook is Here!

StencilBook will make financial decisions easier through scalable spreadsheet templates and more

March 28, 2020 · 4 min read

StencilBook is dedicated to providing scalable templates to help you make financial decisions. Today, that means creating spreadsheet templates that you can customize to fit your needs.

Our offering

Here is what you can expect with each StencilBook:

  • You don’t need to have spreadsheet skills to use the templates. If you can enter data and maybe do some copy/pasting, you can use a StencilBook.
  • You can create a model of potential outcomes and play the “what if” game with actual numbers, allowing you to make decisions based on data, not just gut feeling.
  • Maybe you just want a rough estimate, maybe you want to get down to the penny. StencilBooks will allow you to add the amount of detail you need for your situation.
  • Plus clean designs, curated training materials, continuous improvements and more.

Want your own StencilBook? Working on making a change to your life? Check out our products!

Why spreadsheet templates?

You may be asking - why create spreadsheet templates? Why would I need this? Well let’s start with the idea of a template - they are handy for having pre-determined format for creating something for others to copy.


So in our context, sometimes you want to compare or model something, but you don’t know where to start. You could make a basic pro/con list - that’s pretty obvious and anyone can create that on a scrap of paper or even in their mind’s eye. But what if you are considering something complex like buying a house or leasing a car? Where do you even start if you want to know how that will financially impact your life? You start with a StencilBook!

Sure, you could get a rough estimate from an online calculator and then mentally substitute that for your current situation, but, hey, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Why keep all those numbers rolling around your head when you could jot them down, get them visualized into a graph, and make a decision out of clarity instead of confusion?! With a template, you can plug those numbers in and have a model of potential outcomes in minutes.


And why spreadsheets? Endless possibilities - it’s a blank canvas! Just think of it as a big piece of grid paper. We’ll take that grid paper and add some formulas so you don’t have to pull out your calculator and remember statistics or algebra (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally anyone?) just to decide if you should put more money into savings. You may have a negative association with spreadsheets, but we’re here to tell you that anyone can use spreadsheets. And if you can’t, then we haven’t done our job well enough.

But what if you love spreadsheets? There’s a place for you here too! Take our templates as a launching point and customize them to fit your vision or personal style.

What if you’re somewhere in between a love-hate relationship with spreadsheets? Fantastic - stay tuned for advanced tutorials, tips, and tricks!

The future of StencilBook

We have BIG ideas! In the future, we’d like to continue making more templates, improving ease of use, and maintaining maximum flexibility to ensure templates meet your needs. For you spreadsheet nerds (or nerds-to-be), we’ll be creating training content to help you expand your skills. We also have some plans to help you make decisions outside of a spreadsheet document. Vague? Yes, but stick with us and you’ll see.

Are you making a life change and want to run the numbers? Don’t see a template that addresses your concern? Send an email and let us know what you’re thinking about!

For now take a look around, try our products, and leave a review. We’re so glad to have you along for the journey.