About Us

Hi, I'm Olivia

Olivia is on a mission to change perceptions about spreadsheets from ACK to YAY... or at least a confident OK.

After first learning how to use spreadsheets and macros while in school studying civil engineering, Olivia spent six years improving her data analytics skills while working in consulting and tech. While working as an engineer, she built scalable analytical tools, created custom reports, and presented data to executive audiences.

Olivia was inspired to start StencilBook after learning how some of the smartest people in her life were making financial decisions — after being shocked to learn they weren't using spreadsheets because they didn't know how or where to start, an idea took hold.

Sure, there are some beautiful budgeting tools available, but none of them can help predict the future. She recognized how fortunate she was that she could use spreadsheets to compare different scenarios, plan out her financial future, and make adjustments before taking any action. And so, the idea of StencilBook was concocted so that anyone, no matter their background or education, has the access to decisions made from clarity and data.


And I'm Andrew

Andrew is a full-stack software developer, but he also creates beautiful designs and clever copy. He's basically the full package (though maybe his wife is a little biased)! When he's not working on StencilBook, he can be found working on side projects, contributing to open source software, and learning about emerging technology.

Before finding his love of all things computer software, Andrew got his background in Applied Mathematics which lead to a first career in Business Analysis. It was there that he began to hone his skills with spreadsheets, data, and visualization.

Andrew will be the first to tell you that obtaining a familiarity with the tools available in spreadsheets is one of the single biggest investments you can make in yourself, and it's an investment that will pay off over and over and over again. He's also quick to say however, that just because it's good not to be afraid of spreadsheeets, it's also not necessary for everyone to be quite as in love with them as he and Olivia are.

That's where StencilBook comes in! We've done a lot of the boring (fun) work for you so you can focus on the part that really matters — building a picture of your financial decisions that's based on thorough understanding and clean visualizations.